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Canada’s ten provincial regulators of paramedicine collectively govern over 30,000 paramedic practitioners. The central purpose of paramedic regulation is to protect the general public. The function of regulation assures Canadians that they are receiving safe and ethical care from licensed, competent, and qualified paramedics.

Founded in 2009, the Canadian Organization of Paramedic Regulator’s (COPR’s) mandate is also to serve public interest. We are comprised of self-regulating colleges and government or government delegated regulators of the paramedic professions in Canada.

COPR remains committed to:

1) Bring together Canada’s paramedic regulators to set national standards and harmonize provincial rules and procedures;

2) Assist Canada’s paramedic regulators to break down interprovincial barriers so that members of the paramedic profession are able to easily transfer from one jurisdiction to another; while ensuring the public is served by members of the profession that are held to the same high competence and ethics, wherever they practice in Canada;

3) Provide a forum for the exchange of information of mutual interest to Canada’s paramedic regulators with each member being equal in voice and opportunity to participate;

4) Undertake national initiatives on behalf of Canada’s paramedic regulators.

COPR, through meaningful and cooperative partnerships, will continue to provide leadership around national regulatory issues and support Canada’s paramedic regulators in their mandate of protecting the public.