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Paramedic regulators from every province began working together informally in 2008 to discuss ways to ensure compliance with the new labour mobility requirements of the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) that came in to effective on April 1, 2009. They agreed on a Statement of Intent that identified a strategy to enable the regulators to achieve AIT compliance in the short term. When it was formed COPR received letters of support from all provincial jurisdictions and these authorities provide the funding for COPR.

The regulators' initial success with meeting the AIT labour mobility requirements resulted in recognition that a national organization would be beneficial for a number of initiatives including, but not limited to, labour mobility.

Regulators undertook to establish COPR as a formal organization which came to fruition early in 2010. In addition, federal government and provincial labour mobility coordinators recognized the group's innovation and willingness to adapt practices to succeed with labour mobility.

This support—teamed with the group's desire to build upon the initial successes—led them to successfully apply for federal government funding to further the labour mobility work. Furthermore, COPR has submitted a set of Bylaws to the Federal Government as part of the process for Incorporation.