Examination Handbook

The COPR Entry to Practice Examination Handbook offers candidates detailed information regarding the entry to practice examination and the exam process.  Information provided includes:

  • The examination development process;
  • Eligibility requirements;
  • What to expect when applying for the exam;
  • What happens after a candidate applies for the exam;
  • What happens on the exam day; and
  • What to expect after the exam.

COPR encourages each candidate to review the handbook to ensure that they are informed of the exam process.  The handbook is updated regularly as policies are being developed and items are identified for clarification.

Exam Schedule 2018

2018 Dates:
February 28, 2018 
May 23, 2018
August 15, 2018 
November 14, 2018

Examination Fees

Examination fees are $650 plus applicable tax.

PCP and ACP Preparatory Test

The preparatory tests are designed to simulate the format of the actual entry to practice examinations on a smaller scale. They each contain 60 multiple-choice, single-answer questions that align to the blueprint used in the entry to practice examination. In addition, the tests use the same software platform that candidates will find on the COPR entry to practice examination. The preparatory tests are now available here for $75.00 plus tax.

Examination Study Guide

The COPR Entry to Practice Examination Study Guide can assist candidates in preparing for the examination process by providing tips and strategies for exam preparation as well as sample exam questions.  Information provided includes:

  • A summary of the examination development process;
  • The examination format;
  • Recommended exam taking strategies;
  • Examples of type, format and content questions that you will see on the exam;
  • An appendix of abbreviations and acronyms; and
  • A list of reference textbooks utilized when preparing the exam.

COPR encourages each candidate to review the study guide to ensure that they are well prepared for the Entry to Practice Exam.